DSPC Youth wants to make sure you have things you can always be doing to help grow in your faith! So here is a page that is devoted to just that! Here you will find videos, YouTube pages, podcasts and books that will help you learn more about your faith and God! 


Why Should I Read My Bible?

How Should I Read My Bible?

Francis Chan breaks down why it's important to read the Word of God in this video. Yes, reading the Bible can be tough sometimes but listen to what he says about why we should be on fire for it! Having trouble starting the Bible? Try reading the Gospels first (such as Matthew or Luke). You don't have to start from the beginning when reading the Bible! 

Check out these helpful videos on how to study scripture! This is a 3 part series on Passion City Students YouTube Page going over how to study verses in depth so you can understand what is going on as you read your Bible. Cause lets be real.....the Bible ain't easy to read all the time! This will help! 

Who Is The Holy Spirit?

Don't know much about the Holy Spirit we talk about in the Bible alot? That is ok! The Holy Spirit is the third part of the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit). The Holy Spirit is also known as the "helper." He is the voice you hear guiding you to do the right thing! Get to know the Holy Spirit more and let Him speak to you! 

Am I Too Far Gone?

Think you are too far gone for God to love you? Think again! Check out this classic skit done to the song "Everything" by Lifehouse. This skit shows us that no one is too far gone from God's love. God is always pursuing us and trying to have a relationship with us. You are loved and you are not too far gone for God to love you and forgive you! 

What It Means To Be A Man 

Don't know what it means to be a man in today's world? That is ok! Check out this video to see what rapper, Lecrae, thinks about what it means to be a man. This video will help you in every aspect of your life as Lecrae talks about how to be a good man. I (Kevin) found this video when I was a teen and it truly helped me navigate how to be a good man in today's world and I hope it will do the same for you today. 

Encouragement During COVID Times

Check out Christine Caine as she gives you some encouragement during COVID times. This dynamic speaker talks from the book of Acts and gives you inspiration that you will be able to "shake off" the bad things in this world right now. It is a longer video but seriously a solid message that will challenge you and help you grow in your faith! 

YouTube Channels

This YouTube channel truly has it all! Bible Project does a great job of being a solid resource when it comes to learning more about the Bible. One of the coolest things it has on the channel is visual summaries of books in the Bible. So if you aren't a fan of reading right now, you can check out these videos to see what the Bible is all about. It also has fun series about symbols in the Bible and characters in the Bible! Click here to go to the channel! 
Have a lot of questions about the Bible or the Christian faith? Check out this page then! This page has literally thousands of quick, less than five minute, videos about common questions people have about the Bible and Christianity! Check out the videos and think about it/pray about it. There are some tough questions out there. But use this resource to help you grow in your faith. Questioning your faith can be powerful stuff. Done right, questioning your faith and asking questions can help make your faith stronger as you search for answers. Click here to check out this channel! 


Want a really good sermon podcast that you can listen to while working out, cleaning or whatever you do around the home? This is a good one! This is a church called Passion City Church in Washington D.C. and is lead by Pastor Ben Stuart. They have tons of great topics from stuff in the Bible and social topics like social justice! You can find it wherever you listen to podcasts! 


Through the years, our understanding of Jesus has been shaped by different cultural influences, and many Christians have forgotten that Jesus was a Jewish man living in a Jewish land, observing Jewish customs, and investing his life into Jewish men and women.
Trading the popular, but inaccurate Western perspective of the Bible for the context in which Jesus actually ministered in 2000 years ago, author Robby Gallaty reveals the fascinating Hebraic culture, customs, and nuances many Christians have never experienced or learned about. He works from the premise that we can't truly appreciate the New Testament unless we understand the Old Testament.
By uncovering the teaching of the first and second century rabbis and Christian theologians, and highlighting little-known Jewish idioms and traditions, Gallaty takes Christians on a biblical journey to rediscover a forgotten Jesus from a biblical perspective, deepening your relationship with God.

This book is fantastic to learn more about the customs of the day and truly seeing the Bible in the culture it was presented in! This will really help you grow in your Biblical literacy! This book can be found anywhere online!
Many people find the Holy Spirit mysterious and confounding. Why is the third person in the Godhead—the one Jesus said would be the believer’s ultimate source of truth and comfort—the source of such confusion?
In The God I Never Knew, Robert Morris clearly explains that the Holy Spirit’s chief desire is for relationship—to offer us the encouragement and guidance of a trusted friend. This insightful and biblically-based book—including a small group study guide—moves beyond theological jargon, religious tradition, and cultural misconceptions to clarify what the Holy Spirit promises to do in your life: dwell within you, be your helper, guide you into all truth, comfort you, pray for you, show you things to come, and never leave you
It’s time to experience the Holy Spirit in a fresh, new way to meet the God you may have never known.

This can be found anywhere online!

If you ever want more resources or want to talk to someone about what you have seen, contact Kevin at kevinw@dspres.org!