Social Groups

Come to the table and be known.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! Psalm 133:1

Porch Time:  A Gathering for Women

Porch Time is on hiatus until a time when we can meet safely in-person. Register below to receive emails and updates. For more information contact

DSPC Book Club

A group of bookworms meeting in the comfort of members’ homes on the second Monday of every month at 7pm. For information, contact Sherry at

“Groan-Ups” Gobble, Gab & Game Day 

Calling all older adults who GROAN when they get UP! Meeting monthly on the second Monday. You don't have to play games to come to Groan Ups. You can "Gab and Gobble," or "Gobble and Play Games."or you can "Gab and Game." There are lots of choices for you to make!
Come prepared to laugh a lot and have fun playing Chicken Foot or Mexican Train!
We are definitely open to new people joining us and new games being introduced. Can’t wait to play with you! Contact Herk Johnson at or (512) 461-2874 or Judy Johnson at (512) 517-3956.

Soul Sippers

Ladies group meeting the third Thursday of every month as we get together for great wine and conversation. We are a fun-loving group that always enjoys lighthearted fellowship. Come sip a little (not necessary to attend) and share food that is either purchased or brought from home. We’re all about casual fun times! Join us as we discover some new local venues around Dripping Springs. Contact Sandy Grome to join the fun! For more information, contact Sandy Grome at