How are we worshiping at DSPC during COVID-19?

Update 03/03/21

On March 2, Governor Abbott issued a new executive order, rescinding his previous orders, including restrictions on business occupancy and the statewide mask order, effective March 10, 2021. These orders have never strictly applied to houses of worship, but we as a congregation have made it a priority to do our part in limiting risk while gathering as a community.
DSPC remains committed to the protocols we have in place to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and to keeping our church open during this pandemic. At this time, we will continue our current safety protocols including the required use of face masks at worship and in our facilities.
Our church looks forward to continued guidance from federal, state, and local health authorities regarding how this development will impact our community and church. Our Elders will continue to discuss this matter and we will keep our community updated.
While it is encouraging to see some segments of our population getting vaccinated, the majority of our staff and volunteers have not yet had the opportunity to obtain a vaccination. Thanks for supporting our efforts to prioritize the health and safety of our congregation.
If you have any questions, please email

Guidelines for staff, volunteers and worshipers
  • Face coverings are required for anyone 5 years of age or older. If an individual is unable to wear a face covering due to underlying health or other issues, we ask that they worship with us at our online service only. There will be times during the service in which people officiating or taking a formal part in the service will remove their mask temporarily (e.g. Pastor Mitch, staff, or members of the worship team singing) Members should leave their mask on for the duration of the service. 
  • Members and guests attending service should plan to arrive no earlier than 10:15 am so we can keep congregating to a minimum.
  • Members and guests in any at-risk category, as defined by the CDC, are encouraged to talk with their Healthcare providers if they are concerned about attending, to assess their risk and to determine if they should seek alternate opportunities. 
  • If you are not feeling well, have a temperature, have a compromised immune system, or simply not ready to worship in person, please stay home and worship with us online. 
  • Singing and spoken responses will be part of the service. 
  • If you attend service and you test positive for COVID-19, we highly encourage you to report this information to church staff so contract tracing information may be shared. NO identifying personal information (e.g., name) will be shared; however, appropriate notification may be made to indicate that someone who attended service on a particular Sunday tested positive so they can monitor for symptoms in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Church Sanitation 
  • The church, including the Sanctuary, will be thoroughly cleaned prior to reopening and cleaned on a routine basis thereafter. 
  • Restrooms will be made available, but we ask to limit only one person at a time, unless you are family.
  • Portions of the church will be closed, and we ask that you kindly remain only in the lobby and sanctuary
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available through the build and you are encouraged to use them as needed.  
  • We respectfully ask that you properly dispose of any trash after service to minimize our ushers from touching such items (e.g., used tissues, food and beverages, etc.). 

Social Distancing 
  • Members and guests will be asked to social distance and sit in chairs accordingly. If you need an extra chair for your family, please see one of the Ushers for assistance.  
  • Doors will be propped open as people arrive and exit.
  • We ask that you follow the guidelines provided as we close the service. Half of the church will exit through the front side doors and the remaining through the rear main doors to improve traffic flow.
  • If it is determined that the Sanctuary is exceeding capacity for proper social distancing, the church will reassess and may establish an alternate overflow seating location. 

  • An offering basket will be placed at the back of the sanctuary and we encourage you to place your offering in the basket before you leave. We also encourage you to continue to donate online.  

  • We will offer prepackaged wafers and grape juice.

Nursery and children club house gatherings
  • No nursery will be provided at this point.
  • Kids will sit with their family for service. (No Children’s Ministry Groups Provided) 

Worship Leads and Usher Teams 
  • Worship leads and ushers will be contacted about their ability/desire to continue serving at this time. Those that continue to serve will be trained on all new protocols and responsibilities as we move forward. 

Food and Beverage 
  • No food or beverages will be served at this time (e.g., no donuts/pastries or coffee before service).-