Gather. Grow. Go.

These three words have set the course for our church since its creation.

We gather in the name of Jesus Christ to celebrate his undying love and grace.

We challenge each other to grow so that we may better understand what it means to live as His disciples.

And we take every opportunity to go out into the community of Dripping Springs and beyond to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Come join us.

We’d love to get to know you.

There’s room for everyone.


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Thinking of visiting?

Here are a few Yelp reviews to consider:

The first time we walked in to this church, everyone was so friendly and nice. We kept returning and joined the church soon after that first visit. There are programs for all age groups and great community outreach/ involvement. Each Sunday, we look forward to great music from the worship team and a thoughtful message to take in to the next week, and they are not afraid to have a sense of humor! DSPC has become our home.
— -Yelp
I went to a different church for several years in DS but my family never felt connected. After attending a few services at DSPC we knew we found our church home. They have a great youth program, which was important to us, and they have several opportunities for adults to get involved. It is a very inclusive, welcoming, and supportive church community.
— -Yelp
I church-shopped when I moved to Drip a number of years ago. After visiting almost a dozen churches, I found my home at DS Presbyterian. To say it’s a friendly, welcoming, non-judgemental place would be an understatement. DSPC takes community to a whole new level. Our favorite part is how DSPC incorporates the children into every Sunday service. It’s also such a joy to see all the kids, from newborns to college kids, actively engaged. Kids as young as 3rd grade have started and continue to run non-profits because of DSPC. The sermons are incredibly relevant to my everyday life. Every Sunday it feels like the pastors are speaking directly to me and what I need to hear. And the worship music is over the top. They play everything from the latest hits on the radio to old-time favorites. Every Sunday my husband and I walk away thinking it can’t get any better, but the next Sunday it does. We have truly found our family.
— -Yelp
Family-oriented. Very friendly. Positive, invigorating sermons. Lot’s of mission outreach into the Dripping Springs Community.
— -Yelp
I came into my faith journey late in life. I had been searching for a church to call home and during an unexpected life event, I had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Nancy Marroquin. After this encounter, I decided to visit DSPC. The moment I walked in the door, I felt the love of Jesus ever so present. Such an amazing bunch of people. I joined the church shortly thereafter. Great people, amazing pastors and love beyond measure. Give it a shot — you will be pleasantly surprised.
— -Yelp
Church home that feels like home. Beautiful, open, accepting feeling, a place to develop Christ-centered life no matter where you are or where you’ve been. Dynamic services with well produced thoughtful progressive and traditional Christian music, inspirational and engaging sermons, LOTS of adult and youth small groups, LOTS of community outreach/involvement and VERY active and growing youth programs.
— -Yelp
This church is a growing and thriving community of believers that are involved in supporting many missions in our town. Children are welcome and play a big part in our worship services. It’s a great place for families to worship together and feel loved and connected. Empty-nesters will also feel at home. ALL are welcomed and valued in this place!!
— -Yelp
Great family church with something for all ages. Makes you feel like one big family.
— -Yelp
This a refreshingly unusual church. It’s full of really nice, compassionate and authentic people. I keep coming back...
— -Yelp