Posted September 25, 2019

DSPC is seeking a full-time office manager who loves the church and is passionate about serving His people through their administrative and organizational skills. We are a friendly, authentic, and fun-loving staff and look forward to meeting you!

To apply, send resume and cover letter to co-pastor Mitch Kolls:

 Office Manager / Pastor’s Assistant

Job Title: Office Manager/Pastor’s Assistant
Reports To: Church Pastor
Position Status: Full Time - Exempt
Purpose: To maintain a church office, manage donations, and assist pastoral staff administratively.

Job Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Maintain a presence in our church office with regular hours (9am-4pm M-Th and 9-12pm F) in order to be available to our members, staff, visitors and vendors. May be required to work outside normal church business hours for special church events or community events where the church is open.

  • Provide clerical assistance to pastors as needed, including assisting pastoral staff in scheduling their work calendar.

  • Provide assistance in preparation for scheduled meetings with individuals and committees. (Print necessary documents, order supplies, coordinate catered food/ refreshments.)

  • Maintain church wide calendars and facility use calendars. Coordinates regularly with Facilities Elder.

  • Update all databases with any changes (Email, Constant Contact, Church Windows and Pictorial directory) Cross-reference for accuracy.

  • Supervise entering worship attendance in membership software and prepare reports.

  • Enter visitor information in membership software and prepare visitor reports and letters.

  • Record weekly donations and provide guidance as needed to the external bookkeeper regarding how (which Account and Fund) various financial transactions should be recorded. (Approx. 8-10 hrs a week)


  • Forward updated directories to Communications Administrator monthly.

  • Recruit and train necessary volunteers for reception and/or administrative tasks.

  • Coordinate Deacon Family Group placement with Deacons.

  • Coordinate the repair/maintenance of church office equipment.

  • Coordinate with vendors for services our church uses: telephone, internet, water,

    insurance, A/C repairs, pest control, etc.

  • Authorize or pay monthly bills for DSPC with assistance from outsourced financial

    company, Belay.


  • Work together with Clerk of Session to keep the permanent church register current. Prepare the Annual Report with Clerk, to be presented to Presbytery.

  • Coordinate/assist with special events.

  • Supports preparation of annual congregational reports in conjunction with other staff members.

Job Skills and Requirements:

  • Computer skills with a high comfort level in using various digital platforms for communications and church management.

  • Attention to detail and follow-through on assignments on deadlines.

  • A commitment to good interpersonal relationships, teamwork and support of church ministries.

  • A commitment to confidentiality regarding all records, both of the church and staff, and members.

  • Good oral and written communications.

  • Dependable attendance.

Evaluation and Compensation:

The office manager works directly under the Senior Pastor and Personnel Team, and receives an annual performance evaluation. Compensation is reviewed annually.

Annual Salary: $36,000